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Since 1980, the communities in the South Australia and Western Victoria have trusted Trident Tyre Centres to provide quality tyres and wheels. We have worked hard to earn that trust by offering our customers the best brands and installations performed by experienced technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

For the better part of four decades, Trident Tyre Centres has provided wheels to keep our customers safe on the road and looking good while they drive.

If you are looking for wheels and rims in Mount Gambier, Portland, and Naracoorte, visit us. You will be happy with our selection.

Car Wheels That Offer Style and Function

A nice set of rims enhances the look and design of your vehicle allowing you to personalize your vehicle and stand out in the crowd. They also are key to keeping the rubber tyre intact. They provide leverage and minimise friction while your car is moving.

Trident Tyre Centres in Mt. Gambier, Naracoorte, and Portland have a variety of wheels to improve the aesthetic look of your vehicle, give you a smoother ride, and keep your car performing at its best.

Our experienced staff can help you select the wheels that will create the unique look you want. Click the links below to learn more about the brands and styles of wheels and rims we offer.

Because we are the primary supplier of these brands of wheels in Portland, Mt. Gambier, and Naracoorte, we have exceptional buying power. We can get quality products to our customers at the best price available.

Take a look at some recent wheel work in our gallery.

Why Increase Your Wheel Size

Why would you want to get bigger wheels? To improve the aesthetic appeal and performance of your vehicle. Larger wheels are visually impactful.

Your performance and grip are improved. If you take your vehicle off road, you will have increased stability and less sway and roll.

Wheels and tyres come in a variety of sizes. On the low end of the spectrum, you will find 15-inch wheels. On the larger end of the spectrum, you will find gargantuan 26-inch wheels. There are a variety of sizes in between.

Popular wheel sizes include:

  • 15″
  • 16″
  • 17″
  • 18″
  • 19″
  • 20″

(Wheel size is D x W. D equals diameter, and a W equals width. So, 18 x 9 wheels mean that it has a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 9 inches.)

It may surprise you how a bigger size wheel can make your car look different. Visit our centres and find out for yourself.

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Wheels FAQ

No. The wheel is the entire piece, comprising a rim, spokes, and a hub. The rim is the outermost portion of the wheel.

You will need to change the tyre size to maintain overall diameter. You may notice a slight decrease in acceleration and fuel economy. In exchange, you get improved handling and improved visual appeal.

A wider wheel is heavier, so fuel mileage decreases. Brake performance and acceleration decrease. On the flip side, you get increased handling.

Changing your wheels improves your car’s performance and can give your car a fresh look. Changing to a staggered fitment gives your vehicle an aggressive stance. Upsizing can improve performance.

Wheel Maintenance and Repair

When you visit Trident Tyre Centres in Mount Gambier, Portland, and Naracoorte, our technicians are driven to make your experience on the road safe and convenient. We will align your wheels, replace your tyres, perform maintenance on or replace wheel bearings, and address suspension issues.

Your car wheels are the point of contact between your vehicle and the road. You owe it to yourself and your family to keep them in the best condition.

If you want to be sure that your wheels are performing their best or you want to improve the look and performance of your wheels, contact us at Trident Tyre Centres. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and honest technicians stand ready to help you make your car look and perform its best.

Book an appointment with one of our locations.