About Trident Tyres

The Trident Tyres Story

Our vision began in 1980. We were two local boys who dreamed that we would one day own a shop and work for ourselves. The realisation of that dream seemed anything but certain.

We have always felt an affinity to the southeast of South Australia. Mount Gambier held a special place in our hearts. In the late 70s and early 80s, Mount Gambier was not the community that it is today. But we saw her potential. We knew it was going to grow and one day would be recognised for the amazing community that it is.

We weren’t sure where we were going to start. But there were a few things we felt were nonnegotiable. We wrote those down on a shopping list that would form the basis of our future mission statement. Those things were:

  • The right site
  • Capital to purchase the building
  • Stock that would suit the area
  • Helpful suppliers
  • Staff from the local community who would grow with our company

From there, we put the pieces together. It wasn’t easy. But nothing good ever is.

After three years of long hours and many sleepless nights, we had outgrown our location on Railway Terrace. So, in 1983, we migrated our operations to the Bay Road site. In 1984, we did something we could not have imagined four years before. Under the direction of Alf Bamford and David Barry, we opened our second operation in Portland, Victoria.

It was here that we worked more closely with trucking companies in our community. We realised that if we were going to meet the needs of this section of our clients, we would need to open a truck division. In 1990, we opened the Truck Division at Avery Road.

Now, some four decades later, when you visit Trident Tyre Centres in Mount Gambier, Naracoorte, and Portland, you get the benefits of our years of experience. What started as a staff of four people in 1980 is now a respected company employing 40+ individuals.

Although our staff has grown in size, our commitment to training has never changed. Our staff are adept at handling customer service, store image, account management, marketing, and communications. You will not find a better trained staff than the one we are proud to have as part of our family.

Experience Matters


Years And Counting


Local Staff Members


Great Locations

$15,000 +

On Community Sponsorship

Local People Helping Locals

When we made our shopping list for what we wanted as we built our first store, everything it included was there because we wanted to give our customers the best. Our philosophy and mission are: “People are our most valuable asset.”

This means we train our employees at all levels of the company. We are privileged to partner with Bridgestone Australia. They have a national accreditation scheme for tyre fitters. We knew that getting this accreditation would benefit our staff and our clients. We are happy to say that all of our tyre fitters have received this accreditation. In fact, Andrew Jones, one of our staff members, was the first person to achieve this accreditation in all of Australia.

We have never lost our vision of what the southeast of South Australia is and can be. That is why community involvement is encouraged at our company. Many of our staff volunteer with sporting clubs and community organisations.

We are sponsoring local football teams, netball teams, Speedway cars, rally cars, and other sport and community organisations.

We are honoured and blessed to have been able to work closely with our community for these past 40 years. We are committed to doing our part, providing quality service, and being good stewards of our community for generations to come.

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