With a great range of wheels from the best known brands are carried in stock. With advice from experienced staff, we help you create that special look you are after. The following links will give you access to a wide range of styles. 
Because we are the main supplier of these brands this gives us exceptional buying power to make sure that our customers get the best price available.




ROH wheels - www.roh.com.au

Speedy wheels - www.speedywheels.com.au

CSA wheels - www.csadirect.com.au

OX wheels - www.oxwheel.com.au

BSA wheels - www.bsawheels.com.au

Wheel Fire - www.wheelfire.com

Koya wheels - www.koya.com.au

LWT wheels - www.lwtwheels.com

Dragway wheels - www.dragway.com.au

Advanti wheels - www.wheeldemon.com.au

TUFF AT wheels  - www.accessalloys.com.au

Take a look out some of the wheels in our Customer Pride image gallery.