4x4 Accessories


With the best of brands such as ARB, Gitsham and Flexiglass in our product range Trident is the premier 4x4 accessories supplier in the region. Advice and installation on products like Engel car Fridges, Hella Lights, Bushman 4x4 equipment plus a variety of other great recreational gear can be attained at the Bay Road site. These products can also be purchased through our online shopping facility.
There are also some good links on this page to 4x4 accessories for you to browse.



ARB Accessories - www.arb.com.au

Gisham accessories - www.gitsham.com.au

Flexiglass accessories - www.flexiglass.com.au

Bushranger accessories - www.bushranger.com.au

4WD Interiors - www.4wdinteriors.com.au

Black Widow 4WD Storage - www.blackwidow4wdstorage

Polyair accessories - www.polyair.com.au

Engel Fridge/ Freezers - www.engelaustralia.com.au

Tunit accessories - www.tunit.com.au


Massive savings

We now stock all major portable fridge freezer models;

Engel Fridge/ Freezers - www.engelaustralia.com.au

ARB Fridge Freezers - www.arb.com.au/products/arb-freezer-fridges


Pedders Suspension

Over most of the twenty plus years that Trident has serviced the region Pedders Suspension has been a supplier and affiliate-working partner. A great Australian-made product range with the expertise of Trident staff means the very best of service, product and installation in the suspension field.